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2017 32nd Annual Schooner Wharf Bar Wrecker’s Cup Race Se

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sailkeyThe much anticipated first race of the Schooner Wharf Bar Wrecker’s Cup Race Series is scheduled for Sunday, January 29th at 1:00 p.m.   The course is 7 miles from Key West Harbor to Sand Key, re-enacting the ancient wrecking tradition of Key West…a series of ruthless one way races to the reef to claim the booty.
This all-in-fun race series recalls the tradition of the wreckers in the Key West of the 1800’s.  Vessels laden with rich cargoes from Gulf and Caribbean ports often became victims of storm and the unmarked reefs off Key West.
The first wrecker to reach the site had the responsibility to save the passengers and crew---but they also won the right to salvage the cargoes. Some historians have written that it was not unusual for 20 or 30 boats to race to a wreck.

Bringing fish back from the Bahamas becomes easier

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Bringing fish caught recreationally in the Bahamas back to Florida by water will become a little easier soon. A new exception goes into place Sept. 13 in state waters, allowing anglers to possess and land filleted dolphin, wahoo and reef fish that were caught in Bahamian waters. Similar allowances for dolphin and wahoo, as well as modifications to existing recreational regulations for reef fish managed as snapper-grouper being brought back from the Bahamas by water went into effect in Atlantic federal waters in January 2016. These regulations apply to fish being transported by water only and do not apply to fish being transported or shipped by air.
The changes will allow more fishing freedom for Florida’s residents and visitors while creating consistency between state and federal regulations.
Some things to keep in mind when bringing recreationally-caught dolphin, wahoo and reef fish managed as snapper-grouper back from the Bahamas by water:

So, you have a new boat!

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iStock 000018868219 SmallWe are excited about your new boat and we want to ensure that the time you spend on the water with your family and friends is as relaxing and pleasurable as possible. Over the years we have discovered eight things that every boater should do.

Discover New Places. Florida has over 11,000 miles of rivers, streams, and waterways. As a boater you will quickly discover the natural beauty that our state has to offer. A few local places to put on your trip list are Fort George Island, Silver Glenn Springs, Black Creek, St Augustine, and Fernandina. Please visit http://floridabywater.com for more information on destinations.

Create a Boat Bag. A boat bag contains essential items you will always need while boating. This will ensure sure you have the items you need every time you take your boat out. Things you will want to include are sunscreen, a flashlight, bug spray, spare sunglasses, extra drain plug, extra bottle of water, aspirin, wet wipes, a towel, and ponchos. Other items can be included to fit your personal needs.

Purchase a Boat US or Sea Tow Membership. There is nothing worse than being stranded on the water. Almost all boats have had a break down or run aground at least once. Without a membership you can expect to pay around $700.00 for a tow back to shore. However, a towing membership is less than a $150.00 a year. This is money well spent. Neither your dealership nor the boat manufacturer’s warranty provides towing service.  

Our New Favorite Clothing Collection

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JB Day3 1015-6251When attending Surf Expo last month, Florida by Water was fortunate enough to visit the Jarrett Bay Clothing Co. (JBCC) booth where we met Randy Ramsey, the company’s president. Randy has been a leader in the boating industry for the past 30 years, and was officially unveiling his new company’s line of coastal-inspired clothing for men and women.

Those familiar with boating and, in particular, custom sport fishing boats, will recognize the Jarrett Bay name as one of the most prestigious companies in the industry. The new clothing collection stood out as an authentic and well-designed addition to the resort wear typically found at the show. In addition to the usual t-shirts and shorts found at Surf Expo, Jarrett Bay featured cardigans, maxi dresses, rompers, long- and short-sleeve woven shirts and pullovers. Check out these photos to get a sense of their style.

Why did Randy choose to expand Jarrett Bay into a line of clothing? We asked, and Randy pointed out that even though Jarrett Bay Clothing Co. is brand new, Jarrett Bay has actually been in the apparel business since 1986. Originally, just t-shirts with images of the Jarrett Bay custom boats were sold at the Jarrett Bay store in Beaufort, NC. But Jarrett Bay fans clamored for more apparel and so, Randy and his team formed JBCC to create a clothing line that represented the coastal lifestyle while upholding the quality and craftsmanship of the Jarrett Bay name.

Jarrett Bay Clothing Co. can be found at http://shop.jarrettbay.com and, over the next four weeks, Florida by Water will be holding a weekly giveaway of a Jarrett Bay Clothing Co. item via our Facebook page.

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