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Lake George & The Springs: Overview

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DSCF3773lakegeorgesjrWe launched the boat one Sunday Morning at the Welaka public boat ramp. Welaka is a few mile on the east side of the river bellow Palatka. The ramp has 2 lanes with a nice dock, ( a little steep) From the boat ramp we traveled south down the St Johns river to Lake George. As you enter the lake you will pass tow islands. The larger is Drayton Island and the lesser is Hog Island. The lake  is 14 miles by about 6 mile and is know for it alligators and bass fishing.  Our goal was snorkeling in the springs. Once in the lake if you head to the west you will come across the first spring. This is known as Salt Springs Run. The river leading to the spring is around 4 miles and loaded with wildlife and clear water. Once you reach the spring you will be Surprized to find a Beautiful park with a  small marina. the spring is off limits to boats but you can dock at the moth and walk to the spring.

After leaving Salt Springs Run we headed south to Silver Glenn Springs. I must say I was taken back by the sheer number of boats in this spring. Appromxitily 40 to 50 boats were anchored and rafted together.  This is most differently the “Party Spring” Music played, a boat sold fast food and people would just walk from boat to boat. This is not the place if you are looking to get away from it all. It is a great place if you love to party and meet people. I am told Sunday is the busy day. Regardless, the springs were still nice and the water was betifull. A park also surrounds this park. However, they will charge boaters 4:00 to enter the park from the water. All in all this is a great day trip. Total Trip 50Miles