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Silver Glen Springs

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IMG_0882sliverglennBy Water 29.244781, -81.643091


MEMBER UPDATE: (On Boating Restrictions) Most of the run is still open. The state just increased the no boat zone another...400 ft or so. For anyone who frequented Silver Glen would recall the county line sign which is basically the no boat line today. The run itself is in Marion county along with the lake, but the actual spring head is in Lake county. BUt when they take another 400 ft from us, then they'll take another 400 ft, and so on, so on.


Silver Glen Springs is a 1st magnitude spring with a large, semicircular pool that measures 200 feet north to south and 175 feet east to west. Most of the strong flow emerges from two cavern openings in the rock at the bottom of the pool, with large boils at the water's surface over the vents. The vertical cave opening called the Natural Well in the southwestern edge of the pool is about 12 to 15 feet in diameter and 40 feet deep. The vent in the east part of the pool is a conical depression about 18 feet deep. Most of the spring pool has sand and limestone on the pool bottom, with areas of aquatic grasses. Large fresh and salt water fish are common in the pool and around the vents. Additional flow is from sand boils in the bottom of the spring run downstream from the head of the springs. Water from the springs flows eastward down a run about 200 feet wide for 0.75 mile to Lake George.

The spring is part of the USDA Forest Service's Silver Glen Springs Recreation Area. The recreation area is used for swimming, snorkeling, picnicking, fishing, and boating. Boating is not allowed in the spring pool, but the spring run is a popular spot for recreational boaters.

* This is a "Party Spot" for Boaters and can get very crowed on weekend and holidays. Local Viewpoint

Entrance Location: 29.248030, -81.634178 Map



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Salt Springs

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DSCF3780saltspringsBy Water 29.350028, -81.731245



Salt Springs Recreation Area is one the recreational jewels of the Ocala National Forest. The recreation area is located in the lush, semi-tropical setting of central Florida. Within the recreation area is a natural spring rising from vertical fissures (cracks) from deep within the earth. The presence of potassium, magnesium and sodium salts give the waters in the spring a slight salinity. Hence the name Salt Springs.

In the early 1900 many people came to the spring, believing it had medicinal healing powers. Today's visitors will find Salt Springs gushes forth 52 million gallon of water daily at a constant 74° Fahrenheit. Visitors can enjoy bird watching, hiking, boating, camping, fishing, picnicking, swimming, diving and snorkeling in Salt Springs Recreation Area.

Entrance to Salt Springs 29.324493, -81.680704 Map

Local Information: The channel leading into the spring can get very shallow.


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