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This This GIS data set represents anchorages in the state of Florida. An anchorage is a public place to anchor or moor a boat for overnight stay, not registered with harbors or marina. Anchorages are transient-welcome, have no facilities, and are open public areas.

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Boat Ramps

Descriptive inventory of public access boat ramps throughout Florida, derived from raw data produced during the Florida Boating Access Facilities Inventory and Economic Study, FWC contract Number 04/05-23, product delivered August 30, 2009. This data set is modified from the original format and supplemented by additional data maintained by FWC. These data will eventually evolve into a planned integrated boating access facilities inventory system. This data set is a selection of facilities from the raw data set that the contractor identified to be in operation and accessible to the general public during the time of data compilation. This data set includes both government managed facilities accessible to the general public and commerciality operated facilities accessible to the general public. In both cases a fee might be charged for use of the facility

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