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Florida By Water

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Under New Management

Screen_Shot_2012-03-14_at_9.07.22_PMMy career as a restaurant critic is off to a slow start. I did a story almost two years ago about my favorite waterfront restaurants. Jimbo's in Hollywood was one of them. I visited recently and discovered they are under new management.

I met the manager Mike, and I suggested I might do a story about Jimbo's and their plans for the future. He told me to come back and he would buy me lunch. We haven't been able to hook up. I've called four times and stopped by twice. According to the Ft Lauderdale Dining Guide, Mike's last name is Salas. When I met him, I remembered something else. The last time I called, the person answering the phone would not give out his name. According to Broward County records, the property is owned by Hewitt Olson Asset Recovery Group, which sounds a little ominous. I was beginning to think it was owned by the CIA.

Jimbo's was formerly Anglers Cove. The menu and atmosphere were similar. Jimbo's is sporting a new dock and tiki roof. Anglers Cove was put on the map in 2001 when the 122' M/Y Frosty Sleigh, while trying to dock at Martha's Restaurant, lost control and hit the Dania bridge, after sinking the dive boat American Dream, which was docked at Anglers. American Dream II is alive and well and now docks at Pier 66. The fateful day was Good Friday the 13th. In the case of good vs. evil, evil won this time.


As I have been unable to meet with the new manager, I don't know what changes are planned. I stopped for lunch on a Saturday and was given new menus, which were printed on copy paper. I hope this is temporary, as mine blew off the table and landed in the water. The all week happy hour is now just Monday to Friday. I was looking forward to a $2 Yuengling draft.


It's still a great location, sitting right on the water watching the boats go by. Some of the boats pass by a little too fast. Usually someone at the bar will yell at the Captain. The day I was there, the owner of a small boat docked at the restaurant jumped up and yelled something I can't repeat in print. The times I've been there the service and food have been good, except for the time a few years ago when I ordered four hamburgers and only got two after waiting quite awhile. However, they were delicious.

I checked several websites, including Urban Spoon and Yelp. Both sites showed mixed reviews, but the latest reviews on Yelp were good. This is a good sign. One reviewer reported the bartender did not know how to make a Hurricane drink. I don't know whether they have since learned how to make this drink. However, Jimbo's attracts boaters and bikers and they don't drink those girly drinks with umbrellas.

I have visited many times with my Happy Hour Buddies, Danny and Joyce. They stopped on the way home from the airport shortly after the "Under New Management" sign went up. All four of them were disappointed. However, we'll go back. As the New Management settles in I'm sure things will get better.

On weekends they have live music. You can check their website calendar to see what bands are playing. That is after they get the calendar working. Across the ICW from Jimbo's is West Lake Park; so there is not a noise problem like Taverna Opa (further south on the ICW) had. Opa had to enclose its patio because the noise was bothering the residents across the ICW. There are ongoing studies of the effect of rock n' roll on the mating habits of the Snowy Egrets. But, there is nothing conclusive.

I'm optimistic; so I'll be going back soon. Hopefully the reason Mike is too busy to meet with me is that he's busy making all those improvements.

<strong><em>By Bob E. Sherman</em></strong>
<em>Syndicated Writer</em>
<em><a title="http://www.bobesherman.com/" href="http://www.bobesherman.com/" target="_blank">http://www.bobesherman.com/</a></em>