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Florida By Water

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Under New Management

Screen_Shot_2012-03-14_at_9.07.22_PMMy career as a restaurant critic is off to a slow start. I did a story almost two years ago about my favorite waterfront restaurants. Jimbo's in Hollywood was one of them. I visited recently and discovered they are under new management.

I met the manager Mike, and I suggested I might do a story about Jimbo's and their plans for the future. He told me to come back and he would buy me lunch. We haven't been able to hook up. I've called four times and stopped by twice. According to the Ft Lauderdale Dining Guide, Mike's last name is Salas. When I met him, I remembered something else. The last time I called, the person answering the phone would not give out his name. According to Broward County records, the property is owned by Hewitt Olson Asset Recovery Group, which sounds a little ominous. I was beginning to think it was owned by the CIA.

Jimbo's was formerly Anglers Cove. The menu and atmosphere were similar. Jimbo's is sporting a new dock and tiki roof. Anglers Cove was put on the map in 2001 when the 122' M/Y Frosty Sleigh, while trying to dock at Martha's Restaurant, lost control and hit the Dania bridge, after sinking the dive boat American Dream, which was docked at Anglers. American Dream II is alive and well and now docks at Pier 66. The fateful day was Good Friday the 13th. In the case of good vs. evil, evil won this time.


BeTWIC and Between

As a concerned citizen I am ever vigilant to help reduce the National Deficit. I hate to agree with my Republicans friends. But, we do have too much government regulation. The Transportation Worker Identification Credential, TWIC, is as good example. According the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) own estimate, the program will cost $3.2 billion over 10 years. Ever since the TWIC was mandated by Congress nine years ago, there has been plenty of confusion. OMG if my memory serves me, we had a Republican administration nine years ago. I thought they were against regulations.


Traveling the ICW

Screen_Shot_2011-12-29_at_1.11.58_PMMuch of the boating in South Florida will take you along or across the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). The ICW also known as “The Ditch” is comprised of four segments — Gulf Coast, Carrabelle, FL to Brownville, TX; a second section of the Gulf Coast from Tarpon Springs to Fort Myers; the Atlantic which runs from Norfolk, VA to Key West; and the plain old ICW which runs from Manasquan to Norfolk. The Gulf Coast Waterway is connected to the Atlantic by the Okeechobee Waterway.


The ICW was authorized by Congress in 1919. Florida, always ahead of the curve started construction in 1874. According to most sources the ICW begins in Manasquan NJ. However, the statute mile markers on the charts start in Norfolk, VA, which is the beginning of the section known as the Atlantic ICW. I haven’t found an explanation for the snub of my hometown, Manasquan.

Boat Show Dreams

The 2011 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show ended on Halloween. If you didn’t go, I’m sure you witch you had. I attended the first two days before the rain started. My wife thought it would be too depressing to go, so she stayed home. She’s upset because I won’t buy her a new boat. The good news is I was able to sell my extra tickets which covered parking for two days and one beer.


On Thursday I parked at the War Memorial and took the bus to the Convention Center, as it was the first one that came along. There was a long line at the Convention Center entrance. Apparently a bus load of boaters drove from North Carolina and they couldn’t get in because they had no picture ID. Even with my ID I was held up, as the attendant had to verify my complimentary guest ticket.

Ask Capt. Bob

Over the past year I received lots of questions which I was not able to answer personally. In this month’s column I’ll attempt to answer the most common and/or interesting questions.


Q. I am considering buying a Sea Ray. Do you think I should get an Express or a Sundancer?

A. Is one of them blue? You would look good in a blue boat.


Q. After fueling my boat, the starboard engine would not start. The genset runs off the same tank and started easily. I checked the battery and changed the fuel filters and it still wouldn’t start. Any suggestions?

A. When you fueled up, you put a Sorbent pad over the deck fill and pushed the nozzle through it to catch any spills. A small piece of the sorbent is stuck in the fuel line. Don’t be so cheap; buy a “Bio Collar.”


Q. What is the difference between the diesel fuel at a gas station and the diesel at a marina?

A. About $1 per gallon.