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Float Plan App for iPhone

Float Plan Release

Florida By Water has released a FREE iPhone app to aid in safe boating.


As most boaters should know it is a good idea to file a float plan before you leave the dock. The issue has always been that the plans tend to be long and useless to the recreational boater. With today’s technology, this process has now become automated. Float Plan –Essential Tool For Boaters is a simple app that allows you to store and save your vital boat information. Before you leave the dock, you simply open the app and choose “file float plan”. Next enter your leaving location, time of departure and expected return time. Then press file. The application will send your information to your predetermined contact by e-mail. The e-mail includes all of your boating information along with a map link to Google maps that will show the contact the exact location of your departure. Once you return, you simply press “close float plan” and the app will send an email saying you have safely returned. The process takes less that 30 second to file and could save your life.

One additional feature that should be mentioned is that the “plan” has a field for your MMSI number. This number can be provided to the United States Coast Guard. The Coast Guard will then be able to locate your boat in case of an emergency. For more information on MMSI numbers go to http://boatus.com/mmsi or watch the video on youtube.


Download the App (you must have iTunes)