Florida By Water Seal of Approval

fbw_approval_seal_protectedFlorida By Water has developed a new system to help you discover the best boating locations in the state. The "Florida By Water Seal of Approval” will now be added to websites and listings that are recommended by Florida By Water. If you see this seal on a listing or website you can be assured that the establishment should meet your needs as a boater.

This award is given to Restaurants, Boat Ramps, Hotels , Marinas and Campgrounds that meet the Florida By Water standards. In order to determine if an establishment is eligible, we use the following rating system:


  1. Boat Trailer Parking
  2. Water Accessibility and Dockage
  3. Quality of Service
  4. Cleanliness
  5. Quality of Product
  6. Atmosphere


If for some reason you feel this establishment does meet the standards please contact us so that the location can be reevaluated.

If you know of an establishment that you feel should be evaluated, please contact Rusty Gardner at rusty@floridabywater.com or 904-866-6389

Please Note: In order to maintain objectivity this award cannot be purchased. Each establishment must be evaluated in person by a Florida By Water Representative.