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Ponagator Marine (It's Really Us)

35234_413843841559_522171559_5344047_4703590_sFlorida By Water is branching out with its online adventures. Over the past few years we have reviewed and tested numerous marine related products. Some were increditable and some…..well not so much. Therefore, we made to decision to create Ponagator Marine. The online store sells only the products you (Florida by Water members)  and I recommend. At the present time, we are featuring two product lines with more to come shortly.  “Inox” is a great lubricant for the marine environment.  The “MX2 Battery Conditioner” is amazing. This product guarantees your battery a year longer than the warranty.   The second product, that I am never without, is the “Boat Bling”  detailing line. I use the their “Hot Sauce” every time I pull the boat out of the water. The boat has never looked better and I’m spending less time cleaning it.

We would appreciate your support with Ponagator Marine as we work to bring  you the finest products on the market.