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Everyday Adventures: A Florida Outdoors Guide

Screen_Shot_2012-03-01_at_8.09.46_PMEveryday Adventures A Florida Outdoors Guide is a great book to read as a whole or even to pick out sections to read before going on your own adventure. I chose to read the book front to back while car pooling each morning to work. Every morning I read aloud three to five areas. This passes the time while riding to work and gives great insight into trips we would like to take this summer.

The chapters are broken down nicely, then within each chapter are sections describing an adventure type or a destination. Terry Tomalin's writing is easy to read and very descriptive. The short sections make it perfect to give a taste of the adventure waiting ahead.

He also has very useful information, tips and contacts for destinations and the like. Terry Tomalin's book gets me excited to begin kayaking, hiking, biking, snorkeling and more. This book is great for beginning adventurers as well as folks who explore the great outdoors often already.

If you like the outdoors or want to start exploring different avenues to find your favorite activity, this book is a must read. Happy reading and happy exploring! Website