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Website Improvements


newwebsiteWe are excited to announce the new and improved Florida By Water. Over the summer we have spent many hours ensuring that the award-winning site is ready to meet the demands of our users. During the process we felt it was important to keep the look and feel as close to the original as possible. Most content on the site can be easily located in 3 clicks or less. The following is a list of a few of the major changes.

1. Mobile Detection: If you open the site on your smart phone you will get the mobile version of the site. This will give you access to Destinations, Tropical Drink Recipes, Events, Articles, and even access to the "World of Boating" radio show archives which can be played right on your phone. Just click on the three little bars to the left of the hourglass to access the menu.


2. Readability: From time to time we would get a complaint that the light blue text on the dark background was difficult to read. We are now using white text on the dark background. Furthermore, the site has been enhanced to work with retina displays.

3. Smart Search: The search function now creates an easy to read drop-down with your search results.

4. Social Media: We have placed all of our social media links in an easy to find location.

5. Enhanced Comment Section: You have always been able to leave comments or rate a location. However, the comment section is now much easer to use and to read.

6. New images: We are always on the look out for outstanding images of boating in Florida. We have added a few we think you will like.

7. Events: The events listed in Florida by Water now link to Google Maps to give you precise directions.

8. Registration: In order to be able to rate locations and post comments you must be a registered user. However, if you are like us you know the “Captcha” used on most systems to keep out spammers is almost impossible to read. So instead of using Captcha to prove you are a real person and not a robot, we include a little game at the end of the registration process. Please note: we will never allow anyone access to our e-mail list.

For Florida by Water to be effective we need your help. Please let us know of new or closed locations in your area by e-mailing us at rusty@floridabywater.com. Remember, all listings are free and have to be accessible by boat.

Thanks for your support.

Rusty Gardner
Florida By Water