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Carrabelle Florida, Chosen as Boaters' Best Getaway

Aerial PhotoJacksonville FL., October 3rd 2013 – A tiny panhandle fishing town has hooked this year’s Florida By Water “Boaters' Best Getaway” award. Each year a city is selected based on criteria that include, but are not limited to, boat ramp access, water accessible accommodations, dockside dining, boating locations/activities and marina availability. This year's award goes to Carrabelle, Florida, located in Franklin County. The award was presented to Sheila Hauserof Southern Breeze Media and Suzanne Zimmerman, Executive Director-Carrabelle Chamber of a Commerce, on Saturday. September 28, 2013.


Rusty Gardner, President of Florida By Water, stated that he chose the community because it is truly a boater’s paradise. No big chains in this small town; here you will find only local accommodations (all reasonably priced), some of Florida’s best seafood and water access to such popular boating destinations as Dog Island, St. George Island and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the Carrabelle River.

The quaint fishing village also offers plenty to do when you’re not on the water. It boasts three museums where you’ll find each volunteer more colorful then the next. Their stories come to life as they guide you through the history of World War II, the Town of Carrabelle or the Carrabelle Lighthouse. These people are friendly. The town is about boating and fishing. Nothing else seems to matter, and that’s why it’s the perfect getaway for boaters.

Sheila Hauser says Carrabelle is honored to be the "Boaters' Best Getaway" destination in Florida. “The tourism industry is a huge part of our economy and our visitors love to go boating and fishing in our local waters. Receiving this award from Florida By Water will promote and market Carrabelle not only in Florida, but on a national level."

For more information on Carrabelle, Florida, you can go to http://carrabelle.org.
The next time you’re looking for that perfect boating destination, start your voyage with a visit to www.floridabywater.com.