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Kava Screw

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 2.01.15 PMWe spend a lot of time outdoors which so we don’t tend to be avid readers. However, when our good friend Captain Patrick decided to right a book we thought it would an interesting read to say the least. We were intrigued to find Kava Screw: A Tale of Sex, Murder, Radio, Fijian Assassins and Brain Forks became more than an interesting book after the first few pages. It was more like reading a train wreck described by an individual with ADHD.
The story involving a PI, who seemed to come from an old black & white detective film, lead us on an adventure with all kinds of twists and turns, not mention oddities, exotic places with a gamut of fascinating characters. Patrick’s thoroughly descriptive narrative allowed us to play it like movie in our minds. And just when we thought we knew how it would end, bam!, another twist.
So, if you’re like us, always outdoors and mostly on the boat, this book is a great read during a relaxing day out on the water. We started it at the beginning of our trip and didn’t put it down. By the time we returned, we had finished the book. We just had to see how it turned out!
If you only ready one book this year this one is a must. It will truly take you imaginative places! I wonder if he’ll write a sequel?...

Available as an ebook at amazon.com