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Dock Skipper-– List & Rent Boat Docks, Slips, Moorage, or Dry Storage

The New Peer-To-Peer Platform From St. Augustine

dock-skipper-heroFinding dockage in Florida may be getting much easier, at least that’s the goal of the recent startup Dock Skipper, based out of St. Augustine. Dock Skipper is a new peer-to-peer website platform that connects dock, slip, moorage, or dry storage owners with boaters looking to rent.

“The peer-to-peer sharing industry is growing by leaps and bounds every year with the roads previously paved by the likes of AirBNB; however, there was a big industry missing: boat dockage”, said founder Cabe Nolan.


So how does it work? Hosts with a property available to rent can create a free listing & account on the Dock Skipper website. Once live, boaters can search through the available listings, pictures & reviews to find the property that is perfect for them. A booking request is sent to the host with the requested dates, information on the boat, and any other requirements of the guests. If the host accepts, secure payment is taken upfront by Dock Skipper to lock-in the reservation. The guest arrives at the property on the arrival date and shortly after the listing host gets paid by Dock Skipper.

Cabe points out that the platform is designed to be very user friendly and easy to use. Listing hosts set their own rental rates and prices can be based on a flat nightly fee, or based on the boat length. Furthermore, each listing has a built in calendar that can be kept for each individual property. If a host wishes to block out dates for specific periods of time or needs the property for personal use, it’s very simple to remove dates for booking.

Being based in Florida, Dock Skipper’s primary focus is currently on the huge boating communities in close proximity. From Ft. Lauderdale to Jacksonville, to Pensacola to the Keys, Dock Skipper is looking to make available the thousands of private docks currently going unused on a daily basis.

While the rental platform is the initial undertaking of Dock Skipper, their founder has an even bigger goal, “We came into this wanting to better the boatingsalt-run-dock community as a whole. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time traveling and exploring by boat and there is a huge camaraderie between these like-minded people”, said Cabe. “We want to expand on that, give people more ways to connect, share stories, share experiences, and share their docks, moorings, and storage. It’s all going to be part of the experience.”

Dock Skipper is excited to open up all these new opportunities for both boaters and homeowners alike. “We see this platform greatly improving the way boaters are able to navigate the world, head out on that early morning fishing trip, or find permanent storage to help ease the cost of boat ownership. On the other side, homeowners and property owners will be able to offset their mortgage payments & make extra money without risk or upfront costs. It’s completely win-win all around and we’re ready to get you onboard.”

For more information on Dock Skipper, or to submit your own free listing, please visit their website at https://www.dockskipper.com.