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Don’t Miss the Boat: Get Organized With an Effective Task Manager

MyTaskit Pro screen shot-1If boat owners were headed out on the water, what’s the one thing they boat would bring? Aside from the basics like water, food and fuel, in the age of interconnectivity, the one essential is a task management app that can provide help when you need it most.

This summer season as boaters set sail, they will want to consider MyTaskit, a 2015 Boating Industry Top Products Award winner, which enables them to easily order up service maintenance through the MyTaskit app. A complete task management and service coordination platform for consumers and businesses, MyTaskit enables fluid communication between local marine service businesses and boat owners, to facilitate order repair or maintenance work from local repair shops.



Whether it’s annual maintenance or repairing parts on an aging vessel, consumers need to be mindful of maintenance orders and repairs that may need to be performed. It could be as simple as a tank, hose or fitting leak, or something more serious like structural damage to the hull. Shoot a quick video or take a photo of a broken part and then upload it to MyTaskit to easily communicate your issue and speed the repair process. Those images and videos will become part of your boat’s history, stored in MyTaskit, making future repair diagnoses faster and easier.   

MyTaskit isn’t limited to communicating with a repair shop when a problem arises. It also enables boaters to create a profile with the make and model of their equipment, which puts automated service reminders into action. By giving boat owners immediate access to all their equipment specifications, operating manuals, custom maintenance schedules and task requests underway—as well as being able to keep track of the hours equipment has been used and create checklists for needs, spare parts inventory, and common responsibilities—boaters can sleep soundly that their vessel is receiving proper care.

Some MyTaskit’s task management capabilities include:

  • Personal Profile>: Register the make and model of your equipment to allow your provider to contact you automatically with service alerts, such as flushing out the cooling system or checking sparkplugs. Digitized equipment operating manuals will be automatically attached and easily accessible 24/7 from your profile once entered.
  • Documentation:Record hours of equipment usage hours and create checklists for needs, an inventory of spare parts and other tasks that need to be completed. If you’ve noticed that the fuel line is intact and free of cracks, you can check it off your list. Or, if you need a new starter cord, set a reminder for yourself.
  • Maintenance Account: Keep a history of all service requests, as tasks are marked complete. If you’ve recently put in a new oil filter and changed the oil in the transmission, you can scratch that off your online to do list.
  • Advanced Scheduling: Have immediate access to your personal maintenance schedule and requested tasks. If you’ve asked a repair shop to check that the engine is performing smoothly, the transmission is running even, and that the forward, reverse and neutral shifts are easily changed, know instantly when all those tasks have been completed.<

Additionally, MyTaskit allows boaters to interact with friends and family and share tasks with others or organize a get together or activities. Want to make fellow boaters envious of the fact that you’re sipping champagne out at sea while they’re still stuck in the office? You can post a photo to your task manager. Or, if you need to coordinate a repair with a family member who will be meeting you at the dock to take the boat out, simply task it and you can keep maintenance and repairs organized and filed.

Once boaters have been using the platform for awhile, they’ll begin to see their social consumer community grow. By enabling them to communicate with fellow boaters, they can share knowledge, make inquiries, create or join online communities, post photos and videos, and follow other boaters or experts to keep up with the latest news.

Since boating does not always lead to smooth sailing, having a highly reliable app that can address issues instantly affords boat owners the peace of mind to sit back and enjoy the open water.