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A Nautical Look at the Surf Expo


DSC 8064Twice a year, Florida By Water heads to Orlando to check out the latest in fashion, swimwear, gadgets, and anything else that we think you, the boater, might enjoy. The Surf Expo features approximately 2,600 booths, all chock full of apparel and hard goods, as well as a full lineup of special events. This year we spent countless hours searching for products we think you'll be interested in. Here are our top 5 picks. 




Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 2.26.46 PMBest Tan Lines
The Scrunch Butt Bikini
The Ipanema line is themed, based on destinations like Florida, Mexico, Belize, St. Barts, and many more tropical paradises.  Designer Patrixia has created a complete line of styles; our personal favorite is the “scrunch butt.” This particular style allows the wearer to show as much or as little skin as she desires just by adjusting the stylish strings and straps. Also, each piece of swimwear is reversible, giving the customer more possibilities for mix and match combinations.

DSC 8084Best Nautical Bikini
When we're out on the boat, we find it very important to dress for the occasion. Heat Swimwear caught our attention with their Anchors Away collection. These are mix and match items, which range in cost from $32.99 for the bottoms to $42.99 for the tops. Check out their site for even more nautical bikinis.



Tucket Footwear Best New Boat Shoes
Tucket Footwear is perfect for boaters for a couple of reasons. First, the shoe is fully submersible and the water will completely drain off in three to five seconds. Second, this shoe has traction like no other, providing a strong grip on the slick surface of a boat.The proprietary tread material has actually passed the slip testing used for occupational footwear. Last, they just look good. On the boat or an evening out, you can't go wrong with these boat shoes.

DSC 7613Best Bag/Cooler
Even though I’m sure that, like us, you already have more bags and coolers then you can count, the CoolBag is worth a second look. We were impressed by the fact that the bag is compartmentalized; meaning that ice and drinks fit securely in the bottom of the bag, leaving room for valuables like your phone and other personal items, which stay nice and dry in the upper portion of the of this "cool" bag. The other feature that boaters will love is that the straps can be unhooked and placed around a secure object (like your steering wheel) and then locked, providing a little more security for your valuables while you are away from the boat. The bag comes in six colors and retails for $109.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 2.36.51 PMBest in Bling
Nau-T Girl Jewelry has a great collection of items for the “outdoor kind of girl.” Their jewelry collection consists of  Mermaid, Anchor, and Hook collections.  Each piece is handcrafted and can be purchased in Sterling Silver or 14K white or yellow gold. This family-run business out of Venice, Florida, also features apparel like t-shirts and hats. It has been our experience that we all love a Nau-T Girl, so you can't go wrong getting her the bling she deserves.