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Florida’s Top 5 Boating Destinations

Picture1zzFlorida’s Top 5 Boating Destinations Florida is considered by many to be the boating capital of the world. This is not just some bold hopeful attestation because the numbers really do back it up. It has the highest number of registered boats of any US state and the numbers of boats that use its waters is well over 100,000. With the many miles of beaches and fantastic sunny weather, Florida is the top pick for anyone who finds pleasure in boating.

There are many places in the state where you could indulge in this gratifying leisurely activity. But as expected, some of them are more popular than others. Here are the top five, in no particular order.



The beloved city in the sun is not only a boating favorite, but generally a top destination for all kinds of people. It abounds with attractions and those who appreciate shopping will find that there is a lot to like about Miami. But it is its waterways that are most compelling. Miami Beach Marina is one among the nine popular marinas in the city and has such a huge accommodating capacity. Venture a little offshore to encounter the Gulf Stream that simply beams with life. For those who like fishing, there is a lot you can catch from kingfish and amberjack to blue and white marlins. The coral reefs offer a treat to scuba divers. If your passion is simply travelling by boat, Miami offers the ideal launch point to travel to other destinations such as the Bahamas.

Fort Lauderdale

If you have ever been to Venice, you will find Fort Lauderdale shares a lot of similarities with it. With its miles and miles of waterways, many lakes and canals and the Atlantic Ocean, this is a boat lover’s paradise. You can do both fresh and saltwater fishing, and access the Caribbean with great ease from here. Fort Lauderdale offers a lot more as it is also offers a rich shopping experience, art and food culture, and has some serene beaches.


Fine sandy beaches, shallow ocean waters, six barrier Islands and around 35 miles of beaches are some of the characteristics of Sarasota. This low-key boating destination bears mention because it has a rich art culture, and is ideal for those who love both.With theatres, a ballet, an opera, art museum and several musical events, Sarasota is compelling in its own unique way.

Florida Keys

The Keys stretch for close to 160 miles and have the most to offer for those who truly love boating and fishing. The warm climate means the waters are enjoyable throughout the four seasons. Those without their own boats can rent from any one of the dozens of rental shops. With nearly 300 square miles of Ocean and 800 islands, you are in for one adventurous treat. Fish for the rarer species, chill out on the beaches, explore the coastal forts, enjoy the most picturesque sunset you will ever see, and end the night with some wild entertainment. The Keys really do have it all.

Pensacola Bay

No other place in Florida offers quite the same sailing opportunities as Pensacola bay. There is even a sailing academy to offer lessons to uninitiated sailors. With kayaks, jet skis and motor boats all readily available for hire, it is impossible to stay off the water. Fishing opportunities are abundant here as well with plenty of good spots and a variety of fish you can reel in. Your outdoor adventures do not have to start and end in the water as there is also a rich art and food culture here. And there is golfing too. Other honorable mentions are Jacksonville, Orlando, St Petersburg and Tampa.

Author’s Bio: Jennifer Gebhart is a passionate blogger and a boating enthusiast. She is a leading advocate for safe boating. Hand in hand with Chapman School of Seamanship, they are making it happen. The Chapman School is a non-profit power boating school. If you would like to help The Chapman School in their mission to make boating safer and more enjoyable for all please consider learning more about the school and donating a boat.