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Choosing the Right Rub Rail

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.20.55 PMMIAMI (August 4, 2015) – Taco Marine announces the most comprehensive and time saving rub rail replacement guide in the industry. This rub rail selection guide includes a new reference feature that helps speed up the process of selecting the proper rub rail for the most popular boats in the marketplace.

Boaters need to have the most accurate method to determine which rub rail is best for their boat, so the new Taco Marine rub rail replacement guide includes more boat builders than ever before. Now rub rail replacement decisions are easily made with references to specific boat builders and multiple rub rail profile versions of each. This feature now provides a better method for matching a boat’s existing rub rail – boaters can also make choices for the rub rail’s profile, color, and type of material that best fits their boat.

Included in the rub rail replacement guide is additional handy information on how to estimate the length of the rub rail material needed, required tools, installation tips and references on where to buy Taco Marine rub rail.

Don’t Miss the Boat: Get Organized With an Effective Task Manager

MyTaskit Pro screen shot-1If boat owners were headed out on the water, what’s the one thing they boat would bring? Aside from the basics like water, food and fuel, in the age of interconnectivity, the one essential is a task management app that can provide help when you need it most.

This summer season as boaters set sail, they will want to consider MyTaskit, a 2015 Boating Industry Top Products Award winner, which enables them to easily order up service maintenance through the MyTaskit app. A complete task management and service coordination platform for consumers and businesses, MyTaskit enables fluid communication between local marine service businesses and boat owners, to facilitate order repair or maintenance work from local repair shops.


Dock Skipper-– List & Rent Boat Docks, Slips, Moorage, or Dry Storage

The New Peer-To-Peer Platform From St. Augustine

dock-skipper-heroFinding dockage in Florida may be getting much easier, at least that’s the goal of the recent startup Dock Skipper, based out of St. Augustine. Dock Skipper is a new peer-to-peer website platform that connects dock, slip, moorage, or dry storage owners with boaters looking to rent.

“The peer-to-peer sharing industry is growing by leaps and bounds every year with the roads previously paved by the likes of AirBNB; however, there was a big industry missing: boat dockage”, said founder Cabe Nolan.

6 Best Places to Dock in Florida

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 3.41.58 PMBoat enthusiasts are drawn to harbors like moths to a flame, and Florida is the nation’s capital when it comes to excellent docks. Boasting the cool Atlantic Ocean, the warm Caribbean Sea, and every bay, lake, and estuary in between, Florida has an environment perfect for any type of boater.
In fact, plenty of old salts happily label Florida as the boating capital of the world. If you’ve hit a period in your life when your landlocked location isn’t fulfilling your nautical heart, here are six places in Florida beckoning your boat.

Quotes about Boats, Lakes Seas and the Shore

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 3.53.31 PMHere is a little book that we have fallen in love with over the past few weeks: “Quotes about Boats, Lakes Seas and the Shore” by Sara Booker and Audrey Sheehan (mother and daughter). This book is a must have for any water or boating enthusiast. Within the book you will find beautiful photography, quotes, expressions, poems, and lyrics capturing the wonder of the water. As you turn the pages you will discover a visual journey reminiscing with familiar destinations. You’ll find yourself humming song lyrics and nostalgic throw back sayings and quotes. Whether it s a boat or the beach these pages turn like waves on the water with both patriotism and humor. ORDER HERE
"I am not afraid of the storms for I am learning to sail my ship", Louisa May Alcott