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Boating Information

Quotes about Boats, Lakes Seas and the Shore

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 3.53.31 PMHere is a little book that we have fallen in love with over the past few weeks: “Quotes about Boats, Lakes Seas and the Shore” by Sara Booker and Audrey Sheehan (mother and daughter). This book is a must have for any water or boating enthusiast. Within the book you will find beautiful photography, quotes, expressions, poems, and lyrics capturing the wonder of the water. As you turn the pages you will discover a visual journey reminiscing with familiar destinations. You’ll find yourself humming song lyrics and nostalgic throw back sayings and quotes. Whether it s a boat or the beach these pages turn like waves on the water with both patriotism and humor. ORDER HERE
"I am not afraid of the storms for I am learning to sail my ship", Louisa May Alcott

Twitter for @boaters

Twitter for @boaters

The world of social media is hard to escape, and as many of us are starting to give into the pressures of Facebook, we find our lives surrounded by the @ and # of Twitter. The most common things that I hear are: “I don’t understand Twitter”, “Twitter is for kids”, and “Only old people use Facebook”. Well, I’m no kid (but won’t admit I’m old either) and today I celebrate my 3rd #twitterversary. The first two years were mostly about having an account only for the purpose of appearing as if I had embraced the social revolution. Yet the reality was, I had no idea why anyone would want to use it. Then, last year, I decided I would work at it to see what all the hype was about. And now, over the last few months, it has become a part of my daily routine. The biggest advantage I have found is the ability to interact with the marine industry in a way that was impossible before. I can create a tweet and add the @twittername and they will see my comments and ideas. For me, I am into boating, as well as the Florida life-style, and since you’re reading this, you probably are too. So I thought I would give you a jump-start of who to follow if you’re a boater and love the water. 

*if you think we are missing something send it to rusty@floridabywater.com

The Boatanista

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 9.26.28 AMLisa Almeida, a co-owner of Freedom Boat Club franchises in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Fla.,was widely known across north Florida as the Boatanista.
Now she has trademarked the nickname with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
“A few years back I was talking with Holly Ackoury from Rooks Ad Agency,” Almeida said in a statement. “And as we were discussing all the events and activities I was working on—all involving boating —she blurted out, ‘You are the Boatanista!’ It stuck.”
As part of the patent process, Almeida went to work on a definition:
boat•an•is•ta   [boat- uh -nee-st uh ] noun — A very nautical person, especially one who works in the boat club industry. A person devoted to boating, particularly when it comes to the social characteristics of the boating experience. Someone who facilitates the boating lifestyle, their motto would be: Inboard, Outboard, On Board, NEVER BORED.
In March, Almeida was named Jacksonville’s “Up and Coming Entrepreneur of the Year”at the Women in Business Awards.
“I am having the time of my life,” Almeida said. “And I love it when people come to one of our events or see my boat out on the water, recognize me and start yelling and hollering for the Boatanista. I can’t believe how well known the name has become. But for me, the Boatanista is more than a nickname. It is a way of life.”

* Lisa is a great friend of Florida By Water and we are extremely proud of her. 


A Boater’s Paradise: Homosassa, Florida and Tarpon Key Lodge

DSC 5674As the morning sun breaks through the darkness of night we realize that we have discovered a boating paradise. This is the kind of place you dream about: great restaurants with fresh seafood, dockside bars with live music, a freshwater spring where you can raft up, outstanding fishing and scalloping, not to mention a beautiful house on a private island that overlooks both the Gulf of Mexico and the Homosassa River.

The first weekend in May we trailered our boat down to the small town of Homosassa, a destination that has been on our bucket list since we created Florida By Water. We had two main objectives: to experience the local flair and beauty of this Nature Coast community, and to stay at Tarpon Key Lodge.

Tarpon Key Lodge is a beautiful three bedroom, two bath private home located on Shell Island; a 30 minute boat ride from the Riverhaven Marina. What makes this home unique is that it’s the onlyDSC 5603 house on an eight-acre island, located where the Homosassa River and the Gulf of Mexico meet. The accommodations sleep eight, and include amenities such as kayaks, a fish freezer, commercial icemaker, modern kitchen, Internet and cable, and amazing sunsets viewable from the massive deck that wraps around the entire house. The home, which is only accessible by boat, has a private dock equipped with a shelter and a fish cleaning station. The entire property is beautifully landscaped and you will see wildlife everywhere. Panoramic views provide an incredible reminder of the uniqueness of this destination. During regular season, the island can be yours for only $300 per night with a three-night minimum stay. Costs go up during scallop season.

Kava Screw

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 2.01.15 PMWe spend a lot of time outdoors which so we don’t tend to be avid readers. However, when our good friend Captain Patrick decided to right a book we thought it would an interesting read to say the least. We were intrigued to find Kava Screw: A Tale of Sex, Murder, Radio, Fijian Assassins and Brain Forks became more than an interesting book after the first few pages. It was more like reading a train wreck described by an individual with ADHD.
The story involving a PI, who seemed to come from an old black & white detective film, lead us on an adventure with all kinds of twists and turns, not mention oddities, exotic places with a gamut of fascinating characters. Patrick’s thoroughly descriptive narrative allowed us to play it like movie in our minds. And just when we thought we knew how it would end, bam!, another twist.
So, if you’re like us, always outdoors and mostly on the boat, this book is a great read during a relaxing day out on the water. We started it at the beginning of our trip and didn’t put it down. By the time we returned, we had finished the book. We just had to see how it turned out!
If you only ready one book this year this one is a must. It will truly take you imaginative places! I wonder if he’ll write a sequel?...

Available as an ebook at amazon.com