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Marineland Marina Grand Opening

Screen_Shot_2011-08-14_at_6.01.23_PMThe Town of Marineland has opened its ports with a brand new marina facility creating a destination for boaters on the Intracoastal Waterway between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine, FL. The Town of Marineland Marina is designed as a mariner’s retreat in this remarkable coastal place surrounded by 40,000 acres of unspoiled beaches, maritime forests, and pristine coastal habitats that celebrate coastal Florida in its natural state, a destination for boaters seeking the quiet side of Florida.

Although the new marina is already open for business, a Grand Opening celebration is scheduled for Saturday, August 20, 2011 with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 2:30pm followed by live bands, food and beverages from JT’s Seafood Shack, and a raffle sure to please all boaters. Lucky winners could win free dockage for a weekend or an entire month at the Town of Marineland Marina. Vessels up to 25’ are encouraged to take advantage of our floating docks free of charge on a 1st come 1st serve basis throughout the event! Reservations are required for larger vessels.Make your reservations now to spend this festive weekend with us and ask about our Grand Opening discounts for dockage. Call (904) 814-9886 or online at www.MarinelandMarina.com


Living and Boating in Destin

destinblog1Earlier this summer, Boating Magazine rated Destin the number one place to live and boat in the United States. My family and I live and boat here- and we agree! While the magazine rightly praises the sugar, white sand beaches, the plethora of water activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, and fishing, and the accessibility of the waterways, we have our own reasons for loving the Emerald Coast.

Boating offers a new perspective- and reminds us that we live in paradise. Heading out through the East Pass, into the Gulf of Mexico and up Santa Rosa Sound provides an unparalleled view of the Emerald Coast’s beauty. My daughter Harper, age 3, calls the East Pass, where the Choctawhatchee Bay and the Gulf of Mexico meet the “Green Sea”, and when the tide is high, it’s hard to argue with that logic.

Testimony of Jeff Wasil on E15


before United States House of Representatives:

Ethanol is not gasoline, and the problem is that ethanol contains additional oxygen. As higher quantities of ethanol are blended into base gasoline, oxygen contained in the fuel increases, which leads to engine enleanment. Since many non-road engines do not have the capability of detecting the air/fuel ratio requirements of the fuel, the engine could face catastrophic failure. As a member of the team responsible for engine calibration, and the person responsible for emissions certifications, EPA requires me to design, certify, and lock-in with tamper-proof controls, the optimal fuel/air ratio needed to meet emission requirements. When the fuel changes in the marketplace and additional oxygenates added such as by going from E10 gasoline to E15 engines run hotter, causing serious durability issues and increased emissions either in the form of increased Nitrogen Oxides (due to enleanment) or increased hydrocarbons (due to misfire). Additionally, ethanol is hygroscopic meaning that it has an affinity for water. Obviously there is significant opportunity for fuel-related issues in the marine environment due to the presence of water near openvented fuel systems and due to the inherent long-term storage and usage cycles unique to recreational boats. Ethanol only exacerbates these issues.  Read the Full Report


Simply Carrabelle

DSC_4915ccThere are few places in Florida where you can experience solitude on an abandoned beach while watching the sun set over the Gulf.  However, a small town on the Forgotten Coast is just the place if you're looking to get away from the crowds, traffic and endless displays of Florida t-shirts.  Carrabelle is located about an hour south of Tallahassee, along Highway 98.  Recently we decided to take a look for ourselves and see if this small fishing village had anything to offer. With the boat in tow, we made the 4-hour trip from Jacksonville with no preconceived notions.

4th of July Events by Boat 2015

fireworks2011We have released the 2015 list of places where you can view fireworks from your boat. Thus far, more than 30 locations have been submitted by local Chambers of Commerce as well as Tourism and Visitor bureaus from across the Sunshine State. Please confirm time and dates.

Florida is one of the few states that can offer this many elaborate displays over water, allowing spectators to view the celebration from the comfort of their boat and making for the perfect holiday outing.

There are things that should be kept in mind before venturing out for an evening on the water. Rusty Gardner, founder of Florida By Water, reminds us that even although this can be a great boating experience, safety must always come first. He offers up a few suggestions:

  • First, make sure that all of your navigation lights are in working order. It is imperative that other boaters are able to see you in the dark.
  • Second, it is very helpful to have a chart plotter or other navigation device on board when navigating at night. Slow speeds are always better in these conditions and a extra lookout could be invaluable.
  • Third, make sure you have all of the required safety equipment on board and always wear your life jacket!
  • And finally, never drink and boat. As the captain you are responsible for the safety of everyone on your vessel. With this many boats on the water, the 4th of July is not a time to take risks.

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