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Boating Information

Boat Trip Scavenger Hunt


Boating with children or disinterested spouses can make for a long boat ride. That's why our "not so creative" department here at Florida By Water has gone old school and created a new twist on an old game to help keep your passengers from staging a mutiny. We like to call it "Boat Trip Scavenger Hunt." (Great name, huh?!) Just print off the list and start looking for the items.

Here are the rules. First one to call an item gets to check it off their list. First one to complete the list or the one who has found the most items when you reach the dock wins.

It's free, it's fun and you get to discover Florida By Water along the way!

Florida Severe Weather & Boating

Lightning  On The Water

With an average of 1.4 million cloud-to-ground lightning strikes each year, no other state in the country experiences more lightning strikes than Florida. Lightning is very dangerous and can travel as far as 10 miles from a thunderstorm! So while it may not be raining at your location, lightning can still reach you. The key to remaining safe from a lightning strike is to keep an eye to the sky and watch for darkening skies on the horizon along with distant rumbles of thunder.

The vast majority of lightning injuries and deaths on boats occur on small boats with NO cabin. It is crucial to listen to the weather when you are boating. If thunderstorms are forecast, don't go out. If you are out on the water and skies are threatening, get back to land and find a safe building or safe vehicle.


Santa Can Help

santa_boat_150pxFlorida By Water has taken on an extra expense this holiday season by hiring Santa Clause to send out e-mail's to ensure boaters receive the gifts they desire. Santa stated that the new location for employment will be a nice change of pace from the colder temperatures found in the North Pole, not to mention that the use of technology will cut down on endless hours of people sitting on his lap at just about every shopping center in the nation.  Rusty Gardner, President of Florida By Water, created the concept due to the fact that boaters often do not get the gifts they deserve based on the naughty-or-nice theory. However a loophole was found in the Santa policy by the spelling of the word “naughty”. A simple change to “Nauti” now means that boaters are entitled to the nautical gifts they desire. Santa's legal department has agreed that the spelling of the term could be confusing to Florida boaters.  In order to contact Santa and take advantage of the loophole just  e-mail santa@floridabywater.com, and he will send a personal e-mail of your request to the person(s) you specify. Furthermore, Santa will help locate the best prices and include a link for the items you desire. We at Florida By Water wish all you Nauti-or-nice boaters a wonderful and safe holiday season!)

Do You "Like" Boating

Screen_shot_2010-10-14_at_10.59.13_AMFlorida By Water has created a series of "Facebook Boating Pages" based on locations around Florida. We hope you will find this helpful in connecting with other boaters. Please join as many as you like and start posting.


Captain Licensing

charter-boat-captainFlorida State College at Jacksonville recently formed a partnership with the Chesapeake Marine Training Institute (CMTI), located in Hayes, Virginia, in order to offer U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) approved maritime license training courses. The partnership was developed in response to workforce development needs of employers, and the training will be conducted by USCG approved College instructors who will use CMTI USCG approved courses via traditional classroom delivery. Completion of specific courses may result in merchant marine licensure, and internally articulated college credit may be applied toward the College's Associate of Science degree in Industrial Management Technology. For More Information go to Florida State College  Maritime Licensing.