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About Us

About Us

n522171559_3381A few years back, Rusty Gardner bought a boat. Like most folks, he took it out on the weekends, but soon the lure of the water grabbed him, and the boat became an obsession. Every week he took off, and every week he came home wanting more. “I want to experience the real Florida,” he thought, “and I want to do it by boat!”

But there are hundreds of waterways in Florida. How do you know where to find the boat ramps, the restaurants, a place to stay the night? Hunting down all of these locations can take hours – and that’s hours you’re not on your boat. Enter FloridaByWater.com.

The idea seemed reasonably simple in Rusty's head. Just list all of the locations where you can take your boat in Florida. Ok, maybe not so simple. Two years and over 1500 locations later, phase one of the FloridaByWater.com is now ready to go! 

Along the way, Rusty found that Florida truly is a boater’s paradise. On his way to tracking down all those locations, he got help from friends, Chambers of Commerce, Tourism Bureaus and even strangers with common interests in local boating. Working together, they made the dream come true. Now Rusty’s dream of a comprehensive boater’s paradise is complete.

In order to be listed on FloridaByWater.com, each location has to be “boater friendly” and accessible by boat. Checks to websites and even personal phone calls helped make sure every location on the site is as it appears. Now we hope you will add your input by suggesting even more new locations and rating the ones aready listed. That means we need your help. 

So tell us about your favorite “boater friendly” spot. It can be your business, a favorite happy hour hangout or just a great place to hang out and catch a bass. Unlike other sites, we do not charge for listings – we just want to share our knowledge with you.

The future of Florida By Water looks bright as FloridaByWater.com expands and grows, and provides both local boaters and tourists alike with the resources to make their exploration of the Florida waterways fun and successful.

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