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Clearwater Beach Recreation Center

User Rating: 5 / 5

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WILL REOPEN February 14th 2011DSC00782

69 Bay Esplanade

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Ramps: 1

Ramp Fee: No

Parking Spaces : 15

Rest Room: Yes

Hours 24

By Water: 27.98484, -82.82384

Note Poster January 6 2011) : Clearwater Beach, Florida - Boaters should be able to resume launching from the north beach boat ramp on Bay Esplanade next month, the city reports.

The ramp is being replaced with concrete that will extend below the water line, and the boarding dock will be moved south to create more launching room, according to the city's Director Engineering Michael Quillen.

"The new configuration will allow for simultaneous launching of two boats, effectively adding a launching lane due to the wider bottom portion of the ramp extending beyond the existing seawalls," Quillen told 10 News.

"The design will withstand the wave forces and scour action and provide a durable ramp that will enhance the safety for the boaters in the area and restore functionality to the project site as a free public launching facility - one that is convenient and accessible to the residents and visitors of Clearwater Beach alike," Quillen reported.

The old ramp had deteriorated to the point where it was considered no longer safe to launch boats without risking damage to boats or vehicles, or injury to people.

The ramp is the only public launching facility to Clearwater Harbor within several miles.

Costs are estimated at $182,000 for both the ramp and additional seawall work.

The project has a scheduled completion date of February 14th.