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Day Trips

Party Spot

User Rating: 4 / 5

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IMG_8801_-_Version_3By Water 28.884757 -82.595063

This location is where the locals hang out.


King Springs

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ks3By Water 28.881502, -82.594837

Located in Kings Bay.

Sunset Cruise to the Gulf

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By Water 28.902742, -82.751667

Follow the channel markers out to the Gulf at sunset. Drop anchor and enjoy.

Three Sisters Springs

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By Water 28.888425, -82.589218

You can anchor your boat outside the spring and swim in.

Miami businessman Harvey Goodman bought the 58-acre parcel 27 years ago. He acquired the land under the springs and installed pilings to block large boats, but still allowed manatees, canoes, kayaks and swimmers to enter. That greatly reduced boat engine oil and gas contamination and prevented boat prop dangers to manatees and swimmers. Enforcing the private owner's right of no upland trespassing also reduced the damage to the spring's shorelines and the litter left in and around the springs from careless visitors.


UPDATE July 2010

CRYSTAL RIVER — The pre-eminent natural manatee habitat and viewing location in Central Florida became public property Wednesday when a coalition of public and private entities purchased the 57.8-acre Three Sisters Springs property from private developers for $10.5 million Three Sisters spring run, will be owned by the city of Crystal River and the Southwest Florida Water Management District. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will manage the site as part of the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge. Full Story