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Welcome to Hudson


vfiles7856At the northwest corner of Pasco County, Hudson is home to the popularRobert J. Strickland Memorial Park, also known as Hudson Beach. A great spot to charter a boat for fishing, diving or just sight-seeing, Hudson Beach is yet another hidden gem off US 19 in Pasco County. Source, Visit Pasco Photo by Aebbi Simons

Hudson's canls vary in their depth, from about 5-7ft at low tide. The canals are safe for all boats, but one must know how to navigate in certain areas because rocks exist at the end where some canals meet the Gulf. This is only an issue at low tide, luckily, but it is a serious issue, as experienced boaters here will tell you. The Gulf waters in the Tampa/Hudson area are shallow, gaining about 2 ft. in depth per mile out to sea. Hence the amazing stilt houses off the coast of New Port Richey, 'fishing shacks' built by old time Pasco residents, standing a mile off shore on stilts, connected to the bottom. The shallow depth is easily navigable with small watercraft, and for large boats, there is the deep water Hudson Channel and auxiliary channels that goes out from the beach, for 2 miles, ending where the water level is drops considerably. After a 20 year stuggle to deepen the Channel, they finally did it in 2005, and now boaters are much happier. Hudson is now the last deep water port going north until the Big Bend of Florida. Source, Canal Living.

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