Three-Rooker Bar

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By Water 28.119904, -82.837106


rookerSMThree-Rooker Baris a small, semicircular island that has emerged within the last decade. The fact that sand has been accumulating at this location while erosion has occurred at other locations demonstrates the complexity of the coastal processes at work on the West-Central Florida coast. As the island emerged, it quickly became vegetated, increasing its stability.

Three Rooker Bar is not your typical bar because it’s really a small Island or sand bar just of the coast of northern Pinellas. Partying here is the nautical equivalent of tailgating in a parking lot before a football game. Boaters just drop anchor and get crazy. On weekends it’s crowded and loud but the water is Caribbean blue and the sand is white and sugary soft.

This party paradise is accessible only by boat or personal watercraft. The closest ramp is probably Dunedin Marina and Anclote Park.   Tip: No glass allowed on the beach. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

This island is only accessible by private boat and has no facilities.