West Sister Rock (Gullah Gullah Island)

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RaftUpGullahGullahIslBy Water 24.686211, -81.091388

This is on your port side as you enter Sister's Creek and is across from Sombrero Beach. It's a big party spot on weekends for boats to anchor (6' and down), swim, drink beer, float, and explore Gullah Gullah Island on foot (the rocks are VERY sharp so wear your water shoes) . You can approach this anchorage directly from the #2 Daymark into Sister Creek. Watch for the flats to the North (your starboard as you head to the island from the daymark). Do not approach this Island from the West. You could approach it from the South (Oceanside) but there are no sand bars out on that side, the rocks are sharp and you are exposed to the waves.

Local information and photo provided by Greg Absten, of www.bootkeyharbor.com