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Welcome to Vero Beach


4563540verobeachfloWith “water, water everywhere” and 26 miles of sandy, ocean beaches, local boating, kayaking, fishing, scuba diving and water sports, are just a few of the opportunities awaiting you in Indian River County.

Spend the day fishing in the river or ocean. Go boating within the county or sail to distant tropical ports through the Sebastian Inlet. Explore a different park every day of the month. The opportunities are boundless.

Natural resources have been so carefully protected in Indian River County that our extensive park system and special ecological wonders delight both young and old.

The Indian River Lagoon is one of the most environmentally diverse estuaries in the nation. It has been proclaimed “an estuary of international importance” because of its tremendous diversity of fish and marine life.

Indian River County is the headwaters of the mighty St. John River that runs north for over 300 miles.The extensive marshes and prairies of the St. John River in Indian River County offer an array of recreational activities.

In between these bodies of water are the unique and fragile ecosystems of the beautiful St. Sebastian River.The Sebastian River is another favored destination, with miles of lush jungle waterways.

The 6,555 acre Blue Cypress Lake, combines beauty with sport. Cypress and water lilies consume the shoreline and easily marked fish attractors offer easy angling.

Experience a variety of fishing and boating options on the Indian River Lagoon, or on the Atlantic Ocean via the Sebastian Inlet.For a listing of boating, kayak and canoeing opportunities go to www.indianriverchamber.com. Information provided by Susan Hunt, Indian River County Chamber of Commerce.

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