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Diving & Snorkeling

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By Water 27.635039 --80.348370 (Not Verified )


Screen_shot_2009-10-31_at_7.10.02_PMThis unique habitat is a nursery for all types of marine life – turtles, lobsters, manatees, rays, sharks, and over 200 species of fish and the Oculina Varacosa, Oculina Diffusia, fire, and a few other types of coral. The reef begins at about the Sebastian Inlet and runs unbroken to Riomar. It then picks up again off Sandypoint and extends a little south of the Ft Pierce Inlet. This reef, which parallels the coastline, is located very close to shore and extends out about a half mile.

The reefs foundations are exposed limestone formations which rise up from the bottom in various shapes and sizes. Some areas can be seen at low tide like the Riomar reef. The limestone ledges in some areas jet up from the bottom like huge monolithic outcroppings with vast caverns that disappear into the abyss. The ledges are very pronounced in the Vero Beach area with some of the highest 'Relief' --as referred to by engineers -- found anywhere. This habitat is most unique and is not found this close to the coastline anywhere else.  From VeroBeach.com


From Vero Beach to Jupiter is the best area for beach diving. A short swim of 75-150 yards will take divers and snorkelers to a rock reef that parallels the shore. In less than 15 feet of water, corals, sponges and tropical fish are easily observed. Boat dives can be made on the natural reefs further offshore. This area is famous for huge spiny lobster that have been called “bull lobster”. Take part in the annual lobster hunts for a chance to catch a lobster weighing ten pounds or more! From DiveSpots.com

Photo From verobeachreefs