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Q. Can I find locations which are close to either the area where I am right now or where I'm headed?

A. Yes, if you use the search function at the top of the page. Put in the first three GPS coordinates in this format 30.4 -87.2 (no comma) This will show you a range of 5 miles. Keep in mind that this is line of sight. If you would like to calculate the distance (line of sight) from one location to the other, you can use this website.



Q. How do you determine what gets listed on the Florida By Water website?

A. First and foremost, each listing must be accessible by boa . Secondly, it must be available to the public. For example, you will notice that not all marinas are listed. The one that are listed are open to the public and have transit dockage. Plus, the location has to verified. If we can not find information on a location that is suggested, then it will not be listed on our site.


Q. How did you find all of these locations and how do you know they are accessible by water?

A Well, we can’t tell all of our secrets. But we can tell you that it took a year and a half to find them all! Each location has been verified.


Q, Where did you get the information about the cities?

A.Area Chambers of Commerce and/or Convention and Visitors Bureaus provided this information.


Q Why should I create an account?

A.There are many benefits to membership. Membership in Florida By Water gives you the ability to participate in our site. You can comment on locations, use the forums, use the trip planner and even get monthly newsletters if you wish.


Q Do you sell or share you membership list?

A. Nope. No way, no how. Your privacy is our first priority.


Q. I love the site so much, can I send you money?

A. Sure, we are not too proud to take a handout. Thanks!


Q. Can I suggest a location that I think should be added?

A. Of course! We would love to get your suggestions. You can e-mail us or just use the “Location Submit” button on the top left hand Navigation Bar.