Whale Harbor Sandbar

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WhaleHarborSandbarOnWeekendBy Water 24.934158, -80.599819

The Sandbar just off the marked channel coming in to Whale Harbor is the big party spot. - A really nice sandbar. This is a controversial spot since the Holiday Isle attracts so many revelers, and locals and South Floridians alike come just to party on the Sandbar, that it gets pretty rowdy. Local officials have even called for making if off limits to boaters, but this would be entirely unfair and violates the basic premises of rights of navigation. If people don't want to be out there and watch the craziness, the answer is simple - don't go - stay away. Holiday Isle doesn't seem to like it because loads of people and cars come from S. Miami just to go out on the Sandbar, and they take up (illicitly) the parking spaces that Holiday Isle has for their own customers. - easy solution too - enforce the Holiday Isle parking with inside window stickers, then police it and tow violators.
SUPPORT KEEPING THE SANDBAR OPEN. Local Information and Photo provided by Greg Absten, of www.bootkeyharbor.com