White Gate Court

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deb014klf76010 Overseas Highway

Islamorada, FL 33036-4000

305) 664-4136


By Water  24.870187, -80.709344

WHITE GATE COURT is not a motel. The property is 119,000 square feet (approx. 3 acres) filled with huge ancient trees and colorful tropical plants. The maximum occupancy is 18-20 persons. That means 5,950 square feet per person to relax in peace and privacy. The tropical park between the highway and the buildings is a natural screen that keeps out the noise of the world you left behind.

ETS ARE WELCOME! All kinds and all sizes of dogs are admitted. Rottweilers, Dobermans and German Shepherds will need to be closely monitored by their owners. Vaccination proof is required and restrictions are to be respected in order to protect the rest of our 4-legged guests. So far, no pet has been injured at White Gate Court .