Islamorada Fish Company

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islamaradoworldwidesportsman81532 Overseas Hwy

Islamorada, Florida



By Water 24.915532, -80.640134

The sprawling Islamorada complex, connected to World Wide Sportsman and now part of Bass Pro Shops, has 175 outdoor seats, right on the water. It's the perfect setting for a wedding or party on the beach.

Mother Natures finest Sunsets now available at no extra charge.

World Wide Sportsman (Bass Pro Shop) probably the biggest fish & tackle shop in the Keys. Zane Grey Lounge on the second floor. In the middle of the display room is a full size replica of "PILAR" - Hemingways wooden boat . This sits right beside the Islamorada Fish company (above) and the same caveat applies to the shallow bay.

Photo By Greg Absten