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Boat Ramps

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County Boat Ramps

County boat ramps are generally maintained by Engineering and Public Works. Most of the ramps are in good condition. Several are not maintained as they were not originally permitted and enter into shallow water areas.

Card Sd. Rd. Key Largo
Card Sound Boat Ramp
Unimproved; poor condition; single lane; about to be engineered and improved.
25º17'26" 80º22'36"

MM 95.2
Key Largo
Sunset Point Park
Access to bayside, 1 paved/concrete ramp surface, ramp in poor condition, small boats only, light to moderate use, parking area is pea rock, 6 trailer spaces, trash cans, picnic table; about to be engineered and rebuilt
25º02'59" 80º29'21"

MM 92.5
Key Largo
Harry Harris Park
Access to oceanside, paved/concrete ramp surface, double ramps with finger pier, excellent condition, small and large boats, heavily used, limit of twenty trailers, heavily used, rest rooms, excellent facilities Sanctuary signage
25º01'28" 80º29'39"


State Boat Ramps

All the state boat ramps are maintained by D.O.T. Each of the ramps is adjacent to US1. The facilities are minimal: there are trash barrels that are emptied weekly. There are repairs to sea walls, ramps, etc. as needed.

No rest rooms or other facilities.

MM 112.5
18 Mile Stretch
Long Sound gravel ramp
Access to Long Sound in Everglades N.P., the ramp itself is not surfaced but there is an asphalt drive/circle. The ramp is about 100' from the road edge and there is dirt parking for 4-6 trucks and trailers. This ramp is just feet from the County line sign. There are DOT trash cans.

MM 111
18 Mile Stretch
Little Blackwater Sound Boat Ramp
Access to the Everglades, there is an acceleration/ deceleration which is the only area for parking. The ramp is an improved, concrete surface with Concrete wing walls. DOT trash cans on site. Access to Little Blackwater Sound. The ramp is very close to the road which makes it dangerous for trucks and trailers to maneuver. PWC's prohibited.
25º12'53" 80º25'36"

Key Largo
Pennekamp State Park
Access to oceanside, two paved/concrete ramps, good condition, heavily used, small and large boats, good parking

MM 87
Plantation Key
East Ridge Rd. Public Ramp
Access to oceanside, good condition; single lane, mall boats only, neighborhood ramp, no parking.
24º57'18" 80º34'10"

MM 87
Plantation Key
Plantation Harbor Public Ramp
access to bayside, concrete ramp, steep, narrow, parking, fee
24º57'46" 80º34'10"