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Marvin Key

User Rating: 5 / 5

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May252005MarvinKey_045By Water 24.708861, -81.643921


Best Sandbar in the Keys. Popular day anchorage. Once you get there and walk around, you couldn't tell you weren't somewhere out in the Bahamas Out Islands. The large flats/shoal to gulfside is very shallow (less than ankle deep). Lots of live rock. Small pockets of water in the sand around the Island are at Spa-like temperatures in the tropical sun. Can lie down in the Sand and have a therapeutic Spa treatment. Main Sandbar where you beach the small boat has steep sides so you can bow in your boat to the beach while the stern is floating. HOWEVER - at high tide the sand beach is almost entirely submerged. The tides are not high, but if you beach your boat at high tide it'll be stranded when the tide goes out - just keep an eye on the tide level while you're there. Locals keep this area very clean - no broken bottles or trash around (please keep it this way) - so you can take off your water shoes and walk around in the deep sand. This is one of the very few places you can do this in the Keys without sharp or crunchy corals, rocks or sea plants cutting your feet. (ALSO - Snipe point is just to the West of Marvin Keys. It also has a very nice beach but you can get there directly from offshore to anchor your boat in the sandbar - unlike the better Marvin Keys)

Local information and phott provided by Greg Absten, of www.bootkeyharbor.com