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Old Wooden Bridge Guest Cottages and Marina

User Rating: 5 / 5

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Screen_shot_2009-12-25_at_7.54.26_AM1791 Bogie Drive

Big Pine Key, FL  33043



By Water 24.697478°, -81.348326

If you're looking for a quiet, laid-back, relaxing atmosphere where you can fish all you want or just sit back and watch the Key deer stroll by while enjoying the sun, the Old Wooden Bridge Guest Cottages has it all!

The Old Wooden Bridge Guest Cottages, located on Big Pine Key, was named for an old wooden bridge that linked Big Pine Key to No Name Key (the bridge has since been replaced with a concrete one). The camp is located at the base of the No Name Key Bridge - the best bridge fishing in the Keys! The original building was built in 1943 and still stands as a store.

Today, the property consists of 14 rental units, a store, boat launch, marina, and fuel dock located on the shoreline of the Bogie Channel. You can find the OWB cottages slightly off the beaten path of the Oversea's Highway at MM31. Bridge Guest Cottages & Marina has a long history in the Keys, people have been returning to the camp for years and their children have followed. Bring the family - soak in the sun by our beautiful swimming pool. Watch the boats return to the OWB marina from their day of fishing or diving while you lie by the pool with a cool refreshing beverage! Not only can you enjoy our refreshing swimming pool, our cottages have undergone significant renovations as well.