Key Fisheries

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Screen_shot_2009-12-20_at_5.37.27_PMEnd of 35th Street

Marathon, Florida



By Water  24.714264, -81.093047

From Trip Advisor: We found this place through several recommendations from locals. It's a little hard to find because the street sign is small, white and sits on the ground. It's located at a marina so there is lots of things to see. When you arrive, you will see a large menu on the wall that is very easy to read and clearly marks the prices. You make your selection, stand in line until it's your turn and then place your order. Now on the day we were there, they asked us for a "cartoon name" when we ordered. This is the name they will call over the speaker when your order is ready to be picked up. We used "Mighty Mouse." It was fun and the kids liked it. The staff was very helpful and answered all our questions about the fish.