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Welcome to the St Johns River (Lower)



If you’re a boater that enjoys nature and unspoiled waterways, you may want to venture down the lower St. Johns. Starting at Lake George, the St. Johns River will wind through the beautiful dark waters of Central Florida before reaching Lake Monroe in Sanford, Florida. Along the way you’ll encounter a few restaurants with a laid back atmosphere. You will also be able to experience two state parks. One is the Hontoon Island State Park and Blue Springs State Park. Blue Springs is known for its manatee population. Hontoon Island State Park is only accessible by boat. Few people get to experience the abundant wildlife that resides there. Once you reach the journeys end, you may desire to spend a day at the Riverwalk in Sanford’s Historic District. There you will find accommodations, restaurants and plenty of docking space at the Monroe Harbor Marina.

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