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Tropical Resort & Marina

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Screen_shot_2010-01-03_at_5.06.28_PM1485 Lakeview Drive

DeLand, FL 32720



By Water 29.003397, -81.350990

Come share our "hammock" (from the Native Indian culture, meaning "a shady place") as you discover the natural beauty of Old Florida. A place where time seems to stand still.

Renowned as the "Bass Fishing Capital Of The World", the one that got away still swims our waters, challenging the sport fisherman. For the novice angler, the waters are teeming with Gar, Bass, Specks, Shellcracker Mullet, Bluegill, Croaker, Catfish etc., so no one need be disappointed.

Swim, dive or canoe at Blue Springs State Park. Bathe in the crystal clear spring water, which maintains a year round 72° temperature. Observe the dozens of Manatees who make these warm springs their winter haven.

The Manatee, River Otter, Alligator, Turtle, Fox, Bald Eagle, Hawk, Osprey and Owl, represent just a few species of our abundant wildlife. Behold the beauty of the ancient Cypress Tree, the rigid stature of the Loblolly Pine and Sable Palm, the majesty of the Live Oak mystically draped in Spanish Moss and the picturesque Southern Magnolia with its fragrant and exquisite blossoms. Delight in the miles of lush unspoiled wilderness.