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Day Trips

Spring Park

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C0CE922A-B472-4C66-A19B-7E3D846C78F2_WEBBy Water 29.994432, -81.674593


Spring Park is located on Magnolia Avenue and opened to the public from dawn to dusk. This park hosts many of the City's activities, such as our famous Memorial Day RiverFest held in May. The park includes state-of-the-art playground equipment for children of all ages and numerous covered shelters for family gatherings, picnics or just relaxing in the shade.

The Park is nestled serenely along the western bank of the St. Johns River. As the river's cool breeze sweeps through the Park, the spanish moss draping the beautiful oaks becomes animated and visitors are captivated by the majestic St. Johns River. Nature's signature piece of art is the mystical spring. The water surges up from below at a rate that has at times exceeded 3,000 gallons per minute and at a constant temperature of 78 degrees. It flows out the spring, through the municipal swimming pool and finally into Spring Run as it makes its journey to the St. Johns River some 200 feet away.

Note. Docking is 10.00 for the day (24 hours)

*Also, there are 5 Restaurants within walking distance of the dock.

Duun's Creek to Crescent Lake

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DSC_0738cressentlakeBy Water 29.586550, -81.630647

Lake Crescent, at 16,000 acres, is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the State of Florida.  The lake is approximately 13 miles in length and 2 miles wide.   It connects to the St. John's River on the North via Dunn's Creek.  Largely undeveloped, the entire eastern shore of Lake Crescent is in it's "natural state".


If you would like to stay at Crescent Lake check out the Lake Crescent Resort Lake Crescent Resort features 6 Motel Efficiency Rooms, 2 Suites, Park model RV rental, 26 RV Sites, Marina with 28 Covered Slips, Fishing Pier, Boat Ramp, Swimming Pool, Bait and Tackle Store 


Nature Cruise: The Ocklawaha River

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3041474usjfBy Water 29.469772, -81.689568

The Ocklawaha River was dammed up when the Cross-Florida Barge Canal was being built. You can only go as far as the Rodman Dam. Upon entering the river, we felt like little kids seeing Disney World for the first time. The scenery was breath taking and I can't adequately describe it. It was like being in Florida before it was settled. The Cypress trees, alligators, many species of birds, etc. were sights to behold. The only signs of civilization until the Rodman Dam were some pontoons and other shallow fishing craft. There is a landing just before the bridge at Rodman Dam, and this is a good time to break for a picnic lunch before returning to the St. Johns.

Information from "Boating On Florida Waterways"

Cross-Florida Barge Cana

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DSC_0700cfloridaBy Water 29.559043, -81.702314

Cross-Florida Barge Canal: The building of the canal, that was supposed to go all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, was stopped, due to environment concerns. We entered into the lock, cruised a while into the canal and then returned to the river. The scenery on the canal bank is quite plain, but we spotted lots of alligators, herons, a wild turkey and other bird life.


Information from "Boating On Florida Waterways"

Hang at The Sanbar

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DSC_0711sjruBy Water 29.596720, -81.663264

This is a location where locals tend to hangout.

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