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Jacksonville Landing

User Rating: 4 / 5

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2 Independent Dr. W
Jacksonville Florida 32202
By Water 30.324299, -81.660091

The Jacksonville Landing is the heart of Jacksonville. Located Downtown on the St. Johns River, The Jacksonville Landing is the place to shop, browse, snack, dine, enjoy, and just be a part of the excitement that is Jacksonville. From North Florida and around the United States, millions of people enjoy The Jacksonville Landing's festive mix of shops, restaurants and eateries and its hundreds of entertainment events annually. The Jacksonville Landing has strong local support with 55,000 Downtown office workers and more than 1,000,000 residents in the surrounding area. The Jacksonville Landing is also one of the best visitor attractions in the city.
From full-service restaurants to our large indoor Food Court, any palate is sure to be pleased. What’s even better? No matter what Dining location you choose, the St. Johns River always provides a gorgeous view!
Take home something more than just great memories. The Landing has many inviting shops to enjoy whether you’re looking for name-brands or local retailers that capture the true flavor of the area.
The Landing hosts more than 300 events each year and is home to some of Jacksonville’s hottest nightclubs. There’s always something going on at The Jacksonville Landing!