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Clark's Fish Camp

User Rating: 5 / 5

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12903 Hood Landing Rd

Jacksonville, FL 32258

(904) 268-3474


By Water 30.134615, -81.596053


Clark's Fish Camp has been a local's favorite for decades. Originally a bait and tackle shop at the foot of Hood Landing Road, we have expanded our seafood restaurant to become a large, unique, casual dining experience with one of the largest menu selections around.

We maintain a fish camp atmosphere with simple, rustic surroundings. Our restaurant houses a tribute to the taxidermist's artistry by displaying hundreds of stuffed animals throughout the restaurant. Just about everywhere you look, you will be able to see a wide variety of stuffed animals.

Large exhibits of stuffed animals surround the long, full-service bar. Furry, feathery, and scaly creatures can be found from the floor to the ceiling in each room. Lions, tigers, bears, and more …you'll find it hanging around.

While most portion sizes are large enough to share, please … Don't Feed The Gators! You can enjoy inside dining or outside right on the lake. With so much to offer, be sure to visit us soon. We aim to please each and every time!


Whitey's Fish Camp

User Rating: 5 / 5

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2032 CR 220

Orange Park, FL 32003

Phone: (904) 269-4198


By Water 30.100780, - 81.746065


As our motto states, catfish is indeed a special treat at Whitey's, available the only way it should be, fresh, wild river cats -- all you can eat for $14.95! For the timid or not so hungry, you can order it a la carte by the half-pound or as a basket with slaw, fries, and hushpuppies ($6.95). Additional fish dinnersfbw_approval_sealnewavailable include "catch-of-the-day", mahi-mahi, and salmon ... available grilled, blackened, broiled, or fried for $14.95. I personally recommend the blackened snapper if you're not in the mood for catfish.


Whitey's also serves specialty dishes such as Stuffed Flounder, mouth-watering Pasta dishes, tender steaks and chicken. Children also have a wide variety to choose from our kids menu. Remember, with every purchase of an $8.95 entree ... KIDS EAT FREE, from the kids menu, every Wednesday!!!