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North Central Florida


22433213norhcentralFormerly known to boaters and other travelers as"the lonesome leg" of Florida, the area from above of the Governor of Florida now designated as "Florida'sNature Coast" after a contest to choose a new name and a new poster.Where cute critters aren't animated or mechanical, but are the"real thing" including 19 endangered or threatened species in their natural habitat. Where thrilling water rides include aquatic and subaquatic adventures,in which the unpredictability and pristine beauty of nature provide the "thrills."Where quaint villages and Native American sites are the real thing, embracing some of the country's most fascinating cultural histories.Where spectacular sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico stand in for the glare of neon in the evening sky.Where natural fun remains unspoiledby exorbitant prices,long lines and crowds. Information provided from The Nature Coast Coalition.