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Cedar Key is not your average Florida destination - it is "old Florida" or "original Florida" or better yet, "before Disney" Florida. Quaint streets lined with shops, friendly people, real food, funky art, and peace. Cedar Key is a fishing and artist village with a tourist trade. The tourist trade is mostly seasonal and most visitors are looking for a laid back sort of vacation. The pace is slower than the rest of the world and if you require the world to operate on a precise clock - you probably won't like Cedar Key. It's not uncommon to see a sign in the window of a shop that says "Gone Fishin'" during business hours and they mean it. If you need a chain store, a mall, or traffic light fix to make the day ok for you - don't come to Cedar Key!

Besides the fishing, nature-viewing, and relaxing, Cedar Key also has three festivals each year - the Arts Festival which happens in late-April, Clamerica - a celebration of clams and the 4th of July (go figure!), and the Seafood Festival which is held in mid-October. These festivals are extremely busy and it's hard to find lodging in Cedar Key. Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are also "full-house" times. City Map

Information by The Cedar Key Area Chamber of Commerce and Visit Cedar Key

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