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BayScallopReady for some great fun in the sun? Scalloping puts you right in the middle of a great summer time outing here in Steinhatchee. Scallops are easy enough to find providing that you have a boat. Cruise out of the river and proceed west along the coast and start looking at the bottom from Rock Point west to the Beaches or you can just look for the anchored boats. The same thing goes if you turn south along the coast. Start looking on the flats just beyond Rocky Creek and they are found all the way down to Pepperfish Key.

 Besides a recreational saltwater fishing license, you don’t need much in the way of equipment to catch scallops. The basics include a dive flag, sunscreen, a bathing suit, a mask and snorkel, along with a mesh bag to store the scallops while you are swimming. A cooler with ice is also useful. Scallops are not particularly difficult to find. Just swim, canoe, or motor slowly across the sea grass, in areas where the water is three or four feet deep and look for scallops among the grasses. When you see some, put up your dive flag and start collecting.

You can pick up the scallops up by hand (if you are quick) or scoop them up in a dip net.

The season for Bay scallops runs from July 1 to September 10. Scallops can only be harvested in State waters in the Gulf of Mexico between Aripeka – north of Tarpon Springs, to Mexico Beach in the Florida Panhandle. Bay scallops can only be harvested by hand or with a dip net. They may not be harvested for commercial purposes Full Article