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Day Trips


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Rusty Gardner

Florida BY Water

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EVENT: AquaPalooza 2014 July 19th.  10:00 to 4:00 (South end of the Island, at Rockhouse Creek.) Sponsor: Marine Max Daytonas Website

By Water: 29.074742, -80.931316

4.28.07_8During low tide every day, an island appears as the water recedes at the inlet where Ponce Inlet and New Smyrna almost meet. When it does, boaters from all around come to play on the pure sandy land. It is as if it were made for recreational boating!

The island is easily accessible from various boat ramps in the area. But, it is only accessible by boat. We typically launch from North Causeway in New Smyrna. It is a very busy park so please be patient with your fellow boaters. Another good ramp is Port Orange Causeway Park

From the boat ramp, it is a short leisurely ride north to the island. The channel is minimum wake until you reach the inlet where the island is located. Along the way, you will see some beautiful homes. I look at them with extreme envy. You will pass underneath a statuesque draw bridge that brings people to and from New Smyrna.

Boat parking is plentiful. You can ride all the way around the island to the north and come back around on the west side. There is a canal back on the west side of the island that protects boats from the waves. That is normally where the larger boats park since it is easier to handle them over there. We like to park on the east side where the waves roll up on the newly created shore as the island appears and disappears. We park the boats off from the shore so that we don’t beach her. Some folks like to beach their boats and that is fine too.

We carry our chairs, grills, tables and coolers up to a spot where we can enjoy the day. People like to set up all kind of games like horseshoes, bolo golf, and bean bag toss. Throughout the day we watch people, play games, eat, drink, sun bathe, enjoy our friends, and make new ones. It really does make for a great day!

If you have not been and you get the chance, don’t pass it up. This is one of Florida’s great boating spots of which there are many. Hope to see you there. If you want to find links to tides and find out more about some of the island culture,

Article By randy, http://www.activeboating.com/article/viewArticle/3/