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Day Trips

Spring Park

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C0CE922A-B472-4C66-A19B-7E3D846C78F2_WEBBy Water 29.994432, -81.674593


Spring Park is located on Magnolia Avenue and opened to the public from dawn to dusk. This park hosts many of the City's activities, such as our famous Memorial Day RiverFest held in May. The park includes state-of-the-art playground equipment for children of all ages and numerous covered shelters for family gatherings, picnics or just relaxing in the shade.

The Park is nestled serenely along the western bank of the St. Johns River. As the river's cool breeze sweeps through the Park, the spanish moss draping the beautiful oaks becomes animated and visitors are captivated by the majestic St. Johns River. Nature's signature piece of art is the mystical spring. The water surges up from below at a rate that has at times exceeded 3,000 gallons per minute and at a constant temperature of 78 degrees. It flows out the spring, through the municipal swimming pool and finally into Spring Run as it makes its journey to the St. Johns River some 200 feet away.

Note. Docking is 10.00 for the day (24 hours)

*Also, there are 5 Restaurants within walking distance of the dock.

Nature Cruise

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By Water 30.041305, -81.707606 (River Entrance)


288px-Black_CreekThe creek is named for the water coloration, caused by the presence of tannin from decaying leaves and vegetation. It is considered to be one of the cleanest creeks in the state. In shallow areas, the creek water is stained red, and in deeper waters, the water appears black. Sections of the creek have eroded surrounding terrain and have formed deep ravines. The lower creek basin is affected by the tidal influences of the St. Johns River. Be sure to bring your camera.


This is a great ride if you would like to spend the day on the water.

Redneck Beach

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redneckbeachBy Water 30.076454, -81.842913 (On Black Creek)

Just a little beach where all the locals tend to hang out on a hot summer day. Just remember that it's called Redneck Beach for a reason:)