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OutBack Crab Shack

User Rating: 3 / 5

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cover_2Permanently closed

8155 County Road 13 N
St Augustine, FL 32092-2405
(904) 522-0500
By Water 29.959931, -81.543970

The Outback Crabshack's atmosphere, service, and food provide a unique dining experience. This rustic, cypress restaurant, with a four-star menu, is located on Six Mile Creek just off the majestic St. John's River.

Started in 1975 as the 'Six Mile Marina' by Mcelree 'Cutter' and Margaret Tuttle, the Crabshack has become one of the most popular restaurants in the area. From the very beginning, the overall-clad Cutter recognized the potential area growth, and wanted the small marina to be part of that growth without sacrificing the local family tradition atmosphere. The Tuttle's dream became reality in 1984 when their sons Joe Tuttle and David Sweat embraced their vision for a gathering place to enjoy great food and good company in a natural, relaxed setting. After years of hard work on 'de crab boat' and bumping into each other in a two scale kitchen, the Crabshack has expanded into an indoor/outdoor restaurant capable of handling hundreds of diners at a sitting.

Stroll our 1500-foot dock and enjoy the natural beauty of the creek and its wildlife. Crack a crab! Peel a shrimp! Bite into a gator! Dig into a thick steak! Experience the sauces! Discover why locals and tourists alike keep coming back. You'll be glad you did.