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Snorkeling in Destin

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By Water   30.382417, -86.507112
Destin has been known for many years of its white sandy beaches and emerald green waters. In fact, the water is so clean and clear that divers and snorkelers come from all over the country to visit. Over the recent years, snorkeling has become a very popular activity for families because its affordable, educational, and fun. TripShock.com sells several different snorkeling excursions on the Gulf Coast due to the demand for this activity.
There are several locations to snorkel in Destin, but there is one location in particular that offers the best experience. The East Jetties near the Destin Harbor offers a rock barrier and has several fish and marine wildlife nearby. The water is fairly shallow so kids can snorkel and have a great time as well. There are deeper areas for those wanting to explore, but this is only advised for novice swimmers since the current can be strong at times.
Those that wish to snorkel near the local beaches should not waste their time. The incoming waves from the Gulf make it nearly impossible to see anything. Sometimes the wake will calm down and this opens up an opportunity to snorkel, but its typically rare for this to happen.
The best part about snorkeling is that the small fish are not afraid to say hi. Bring some frozen pears or corn and watch the fish go crazy. It's also typical to see dolphin, crab, hermit crab, ane more. (article by Greg Fisher at TripShock.com)