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Fudpucker's On The Island

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4425340-fudpuckers Fort Walton Beach1318 Miracle Strip

Okaloosa Island ( Fort Walton), Florida



By Water  30.397871, -86.587777

The “All New” Fudpucker’s on Okaloosa Island is located at 1318 Miracle Strip Parkway, right across the street from the Ramada Beach Plaza. The new Fudpucker's on the Island a waterfront establishment and features 16,000 square feet of dining and entertainment spaces. Featuring three restaurants (Fudpucker's, FudPuckeroni's & FudShucker's), Fudpucker's Watersports and Fishing Charters, two shopping areas, Fat Daddy's Arcade, and over 400 seats on two different levels. There really isn’t any place like it in the world, unless of course you visit the Fudpucker’s in Destin, and even that isn’t the same.  You have to see it to believe it!

Dockside Café & Oyster Bar

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Screen_Shot_2012-09-19_at_2.51.57_PM115 John Sims Parkway West

Niceville, Florida 32578



By Water  30.520224, -86.494636


Hi, I’m Ernie Danjean and  I am the owner operator of  Dockside Café & Oyster Bar. I have been in the restaurant business in the Destin area going on 15 years starting with Café New Orleans a popular Po-boy shop . Since then, I have managed some of the best restaurants in the area; Poppy’s Seafood Factory, Destin Chop’s, Cuvee Beach, Crush & most recently Fishbar to name a few. My passion for food comes from my mother Ida. My love for business and life comes from my dad Ernie “Big Dan” Danjean . I grew up in my fathers Po-boy business and have carried on the tradition with my family, Dawn my wife for 16 years, Whitney my oldest daughter, my son Holden, Elle the youngest & granddaughter Brinkley the newest addition. My goal here at Dockside Café & Oyster Bar is to provide great food at a fare price in an awesome setting on the water with first class service. I invite you to come try us out. I give you my personal guaranty that you will love your experience!

Located at Northern Lights Yach Club

LJ Schooners

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Screen_shot_2011-03-08_at_1.44.24_PM290 Yacht Club Drive

Niceville, Florida



By Water 30.495665, -86.446245

Welcome to LJ Schooners dockside restaurant. LJ Schooners, as you possibly know, is located at the spectacular Bluewater Bay Complex. As for the name of our restaurant, Lazy Jack Schooner, or L.J. Schooner, was a cherished icon on these very docks. Many of you remember this world traveler, and many of heard the tales Enjoy a wonderful meal in our intimate marina setting. We also have an open air oyster bar serving up cold refreshments with a spectacular view of our beautiful sunsets.

Giuseppi's Wharf Restaurant & Marina

User Rating: 3 / 5

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glus821 Bayshore Dr
Niceville, FL 32578
(850) 678-4229
By Water (GPS)  30.513091, 86.482816

Dewey Destin Seafood

User Rating: 3 / 5

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dewey9 Calhoun Ave
Destin, FL 32541
(850) 837-7575
By Water (GPS)  30.397593, 86.515462

Please visit us at Dewey Destin Seafood Restaurant & Market the next time you are in Destin, Florida. Voted as the best outdoor restaurant on the emerald coast we are passionate about offering the finest meals and seafood you can find in a relaxed open air environment (some might say laidback and amusing, as you can tell by our motto!).